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NAMIWalks Greater Nashville Thanks you

Donating to NAMIWalks Greater Nashville insures 100 % of your donations go to free direct support, education, advocacy, and awareness services for people in the Greater Nashville area. Last year we connected with 10,000 people. We had a great event just weeks ago, but our portal remains for donations through June 30 per NAMI policy and including NAMI’s National Day of Awareness May 30th.

We had a great event and late donations are still being accepted through May 30th at

With the great support of the people you will see below and many more, we surpassed our goal of $65,000. The generosity we experienced in donations and spirit was totally astounding and uplifting.  Thank you!

View our inspirational  2020 NAMIWalks Greater Nashville video below. It will brighten your day. Many thanks to intern Mackenzie Mellinger. You can also find it on on our  NAMI Davidson YouTube Channel.

You joined our fun, safe distraction for emotional wellness in a time when we all really needed it. NAMI Davidson Co. joined the NAMI national walk movement as NAMIWalks Greater Nashville.  Plans were in the works for our annual wellness celebration. Our sponsors were on board and walk teams were forming, just as they had for the last eight years. Then, the March 3rd tornadoes hit! Just weeks later everything closed with the pandemic. We pivoted and created a virtual walk model.  Our fundraising  goal was revised from $65,000 to $35,000, and the primary focus shifted from fundraising to mental health awareness.  Our “Walkin’” for Awareness” sneaker was put into action. and you took up the cause.  You were amazing!!


Your “Walkin’ Sneaker” Posts were amazing, funny, poignant

Individual participants and teams were invited to “walk” from March 30 to April 30. They sent in their photos, and social media shares of  safely distanced activities and sentiments to NAMI Davidson Co. after registering on the NAMIWalks Greater Nashville website. Your sneaker posts, social media posts and videos that were shared, captured the real spirit of the event.  Entries were poignant, fun and filled with kindness. We are working to get your submissions added to the gallery. Please view the  online gallery.


Many Thanks to our 2020 Walk Event Sponsors

We especially appreciated you through the COVID-19 Crisis and the ongoing support of our services through your sponsorship

NAMIWalks Your Way Greater Nashville Tennessee Sponsors

2020 Top Teams April 30, 2020 – Great Job!

A record 103 teams were formed with nearly 2,000 participants to make this year’s NAMIWalks Greater Nashville an astounding success. Top Teams are acknowledged for their team standings on April 30, 2020. Additional teams continued to contribute past that date.


  • Team Vanderbilt Behavioral Health took time for the event while treating people during the COVID-19 event at their behavioral health hospital and retaining top team status. Congratulations!


  • Verizon METS Team (Kornblatt), Team Verizon, Verizon Business Group  – Team Guess, and Bklyn VPS4wrd and all who joined from Verizon were an energetic addition to our event. Local Verizon emoployees Jasmine Dockery, Joannie Crigger and Michel “Buck” Moore recommended the event to Verizon Corporate as a digital volunteer opportunity. Their individual actions ultimately led to NAMI Walks Greater Nashville  being spotted by Manager Anna Hardin at the Verizon Consumer Group. Soon NAMIWalks Greater Nashville was adopted by Verizon team members across the country in a frenzy of participation. This led to tremendous support to the event and heartwarming outcomes in sharing mental health awareness.


  • Cash for Cush, led by Kate Holderbaum in memory of her son Anthony Casciani,  joined us again as the top Friends & Family team. They keep the bright spirit of Anthony, “Cush” to his buddies, alive as they inspire other young adults to seek help. We missed this year’s annual t-shirt from the team, but you can see Anthony’s latest picture on our NAMIWalks Greater Nashville team page. 


  • TriStar Skyline Madison behavioral health hospital has been our most creative fundraising team. This year’s plans went awry with COVID-19, but the team still came through while serving patients at the hospital. 


  • MTMHI (Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute) Raising It High the regional state institute treating people with mental illness, was determined to meet goal this year. They did it and then some with an enthusiastic video created for posting. You will see them featured on our event video. 


Walk Stars are individuals who personally raised and/or contributed at least $1000. We would like to thank and recognize the following Walk Stars:  Alicia Guess, Evelyn Yeargin, Deborah Barron, Jake Bredinger, Dr. Stephan Heckers, Shannon Calvert. Many thanks for your generosity and leadership. 

Due to delays caused by the COVID-19 crisis, T-Shirts and other incentives earned by individuals and team captains will be distributed in June. 


Look for NAMIWalks Greater Nashville next year as we grow again in Mental Health Awareness!


Your NAMIWalks Greater Nashville Support Team:

Robin Nobling, Karen German, Rachael Hausin, Mackenzie Mellinger, Jazmine Reyes, Julie Miller

  Office: 615.891.4724 still answering from 9 am to 5pm weekdays

Please donate on line at NAMIWalks Greater Nashville or send checks to:

NAMI Davidson Co., 392 Harding Place, Ste 203, Nashville, TN 37211








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