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NAMI Davidson offers several free, peer led, confidential education classes. The purpose of the classes is to reduce the sense of isolation and stigma and to increase understanding of mental health issues, roles of individuals and caregivers during recovery and knowledge of rights and resources.

Mental Illnesses, Co-occurring Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Mood and Personality Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury and other disorders affecting the brain impact the lives of millions often devastating individual lives, those of families and on into communities.

80% of the people taking NAMI Davidson classes report increased knowledge and understanding of mental illness and people in recovery, better ability to communicate and reduced levels of crisis at home. Now more than ever recovery is possible with education, treatment and support.

For Children

NAMI BASICS (ages 4-17)

Basics classes teach parents and guardians advocacy skills within systems. This class is for Parents and Guardians of children 17 and under with serious behavioral health issues.

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For Adults


NAMI Davidson BRIDGES support groups are a safe place to talk for persons with mental health issues.

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For Caregivers

Caregiver Education

For adults concerned about an adult loved one with mental health or co-occurring addiction issues. Ask about our FREE intensive education classes. Drop-in to one of our three monthly free, confidential, peer-led support groups. They offer a safe place to share, learn, self-nurture and advocate.

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NAMI Homefront

Designed to help loved ones understand and support their Service Member or Veteran while maintaining their own well-being. The six-session classes are held online. Contact the NAMI Davidson office or go online to NAMI.ORG for the next class.

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Videos tell stories and relate experiences in a non threatening, take it or leave it format. They are used to present powerful stories and messages that reach a wide audience. NAMI makes videos to support it’s programs and to provide a knowledge base for individuals seeking information.

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