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Verizon and NAMI Davidson Co. are calling on you for kindnessYour words can mean more than you will ever know. Having a serious mental health issue can lead to social isolation, fear and grief, for patients, and familiy members. It takes specially dedicated people to care for others in the confines of a secure hospital. Share kind words today with staff who are working directly with people with serious mental health issues. Give words of encouragement and hope to people in treatment for mental health issues (by first name only). Not sure what to say? We’ll help you. Click here to go to your note page.  


Our Walkin’ Sneaker is Back!

Our Walkin’ Sneaker is back in 3 different choices for holiday celebrations. Verizon employees took our sneaker walkin’ this spring for the NAMIWalks Greater Nashville virtual event. This season you can use the sneaker to express kindness and remembrances. Bundle up and go outside with family, friends or colleagues – safely distanced and masked – for a brisk walk or run. Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine is good for body, mind and soul. Color or glitter up your sneaker. Send pictures of you and your sneaker to with your full name, location, phone and email.  Donate your distance or make a memorial donation to NAMI Davidson.  Don’t forget to make your Verizon Match.

Click on the sneaker of your choice. In the window that pops up, right click on the screen to the right of (not on) the picture, and select print.

NAMI Davidson Walkin' Sneaker for kindness and donation Hannuka Sneaker Kwanzaa Sneaker

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Mental health issues strike 1 in 5 people in their lifetime. This is a great guide to have in your health files. Click on the picture to access and download the guide. To Download “Navigating A Crisis” in Spanish  Click Here


Coping Calendars Give Daily Actions for Happiness

Click Here for the Action for Happiness Coping Calendars for Positive Daily Actions to benefit your mood, have fun, and connect with others. Look for calendars in multiple languages.

Dec Coping Calendar



Please Give

Your gift helps to fund our free support and education programs for people living with mental health issues, caregivers, loved ones, and friends. We also provide fee public education seminars on behavioral health topics for youth and adults, outreach and advocacy. The Verizon Foundation will match your donation for amounts of $25 to $1000. NAMI Davidson Co. is a 501.c.3 designation tax-exempt organization per the IRS and a registered charity with the State of Tennessee.


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